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About to be an industrialist in EVE

Today I got a question via twitter about my motivation to be an industrialist about good things as indy in a corp and about worst things. Maybe my point of view could be interesting to others, so I will post my answer here also (with some slightly changes): ------------------------- To be honest, my view of manufacturing and trading … Continue Reading ››

The Hype is real – G-Fleet und endlich einen Schritt weiter

Jaja, lange nichts geschrieben und nun gleich zwei Beiträge kurz hintereinander, aber ich bin grade in Stimmung. Und das muss genutzt werden. Diese Woche ist endlich G-Fleet in Düsseldorf. Mein erstes größeres EVE Event seit langem. Ich freue mich, einerseits, weil EVE... andererseits einfach auf viele Leute, die ich nun im Laufe der Zeit online … Continue Reading ››

Back again, broadcast4reps, factional warfare (and a small financial report inside)

Yeah I know, I promised to be more active and to deliver more financial report's, but several aspects were against me. First of all: The Division. To be honest, I really like settings like this. End of days scenarios are great. And I really had fun before all this falcon lost glitch/exploit thingies. Maybe I'm too … Continue Reading ››