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Capital production ftw. Some idea’s for the future

Because I have some alt’s for producing stuff amongst other things, while my main destroy ships in faction warfare and because I train for some capital skills at my main, I started the idea to produce capital ships.

This is a huge venture and will consume billions of ISK for buying several BPO’s before I can even start. But fortunately a mate have some of the BPO’s I need and he is willing to share them with me.

So the steps I finished planning so far are:

– Determine, which Capitals are used (and which were most destroyed)
– Determine, which construction parts are better to build by myself and which are cheaper to buy
– Determine, how much ISK do I need to buy all the BPO’s I want
– Determine the rough ROI on the Venture

The steps, which still need to be planned:

– Determine, where to build (Station, because POS in Low/Null is no option atm)
– Determine all the hauling stuff (Should I buy a JF by myself or use Alliance services?)
– Determine, how/where to buy ressources/parts and how/where to sell the capitals

I don’t want come into a rush about this and will check all my calculations over and over again, but if it’s worth and if I have a solid plan, with all questions answered, this will be my next task for my alts, while I shoot more caldari scum to free the gallente space. :)

So stay tuned. Maybe I will create a twitch channel about capital construction, if I start.