CCP Greyscale: Update on multiple-structure bonuses for starbases.

Neiiiin.. kein Stacking Bonus von POS Strukturen mit Crius.. werft eure POS Planungen alle wieder über bord.

CCP Greyscale schrieb gerade im öffentlichen Forum folgendes:

Update on multiple-structure bonuses for starbases.

We’ve just had another discussion about this system as-implemented, and based on your feedback, the technical challenges involved in implementing it in a fully user-friendly way, and the somewhat limited upsides of the feature, we’ve decided to cut it from Crius.

Having multiple starbase structures of the same type at a starbase will no longer grant you any bonus above those inherent in the structure itself

The only substantial downside to this is that it makes it much easier to weaponize an industry tower, so we are considering upping lab/array fitting costs substantially in a later release. We likely will not do this in Crius itself as people will need time to reconfigure their setups.

We are looking into what we can do to mitigate the expected glut of labs resulting from this change; more info as we work through this process :)

Thanks for all your feedback,


also wird sich da in Zukunft noch das ein oder andere ändern. Zumindest kann ich mich nun wieder hinsetzen und neue sinnvolle POS Setups überlegen. :-)

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